Kai, a native of Kaiserslautern, Germany, started tinkering with bikes as a toddler. He has been working as a professional mechanic since 2013. Kai loves riding in the rain and building up "gonzo bikes from the orphans". Of his approximately six-and-a-half bikes, Kai's favorite ride is his Cannondale. A discarded carbon crank set inspired him to build the road bike around it. 


Eric hails from San Mateo, Calif. and has been working professionally as a mechanic since 2010. His passion for cycling and mechanics started in grade school, and he's been rescuing and rehabbing discarded bikes ever since. He has an estimated 13 bikes, but Eric's current favorite is his road bike. A second-hand team racing bike, it's made of scandium, a rare earth metal from former Soviet mines.


Hailing from Santa Rosa, Calif., Pat has worked as a mechanic since 2013. In his mid-twenties, he picked up cycling as a way to commute to a job in Sonoma County, where "road biking is unmatched". Needless to say, he fell in love with the sport and the speed of cycling. Of his current four bikes, Pat's favorite is a carbon fiber Trek Madone 9.2. "I'm a roadie, and I'm not ashamed," he explains. 


John, of Alameda, Calif., brings 30 years of experience to our shop. At 17, he started working on bikes because, "It was the mid-80s and the thing to do!" He has four daily-use bikes, plus a whole bunch of "odds and ends". His favorite ride is a Slingshot Ripper, which John calls  "a frame of mind". It's an old-school mountain bike that features a cable instead of a bottom tube. John's favorite activity is riding in Alameda with family and friends.


David worked at Broadway Bicycle School collective in Cambridge, Mass. as a mechanic/owner for ten years. He first fell for cycling as an undergraduate in upstate New York. Of his four bikes, David's current favorite is a well-traveled green Brompton. He enjoys taking it out on bike date-nights with his wife, Willoughby.


Benton is a first-year mechanic from Oakland, Calif. 13 years ago, he found himself without a car, and started cycling as a way to get around. Soon, he was building bikes and doing repairs for friends. Currently, he has five bikes, but his favorite is a Litespeed TI road bike that he built up to be "as fast as possible". As a super tall guy, Benton has a hard time finding bikes that fit. He loves to find old frames and build them into road bikes.