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Lazer Sport Magma Helmet

Lazer Sport Magma Helmet
  • Color: Flash Orange
  • Color: Flash Pink
  • Color: Flash Yellow
  • Color: Flash Yellow
  • Color: Flash Yellow
  • Color: Flash Yellow
  • Color: Gloss Black
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Color: Matte Titanium
  • Color: Matte Titanium
  • Color: Matte Titanium
  • Color: Matte Titanium
  • Color: Matte White
  • Color: Matte Blk Camo/Flash Yellow
  • Color: Matte Flash Green
  • Color: Matte Red Black


The Magma helmet is a throwback to the aggressive-looking Lazer helmets from the past. It combines both good looks and high performance in a comfortable helmet. The Advanced Rollsys system makes sure the helmet is snug and comfortable, while 22 vents keep your head cool. Even with the integrated visor, the weight is kept low so you can enjoy long rides through the woods without discomfort or distraction.

The fit of a helmet is important and adjusting this fit to your individual need is of equal importance for the comfort level of a helmet. To achieve a good fit Lazer has installed the ARS or Advanced Rollsys System in the helmet. The ARS is an upgraded version of the award-winning Rollsys System.

Compared to the standard fit systems, the Advanced Rollsys system is a fully integrated mechanism which surrounds the head completely. By turning a smooth thumb wheel situated on top of the helmet, the system permits an accurate and progressive peripheral sizing adjustment. The fit of the helmet will be symmetrically tightened without any pressure points on the head.

The Advanced Rollsys System offers an innovative one-hand use and is easy to handle even during riding. By taking away the retention system at the back, the Advanced Rollsys System is also the perfect solution for people with a ponytail.

The adjustable head basket allows the back part of the rollsys system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference. This way the Rollsys system can be adjusted even more to individual rider needs and can create even more comfort.

Keep the sun out of your eyes and keep branches at a safe distance with a visor on your helmet. Some Lazer helmets come with build in visor to support you while riding.


Lazer Magma MTB Bicycle Helmet

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Flash Orange / Small 05420056669665 BLU2005666966
Flash Orange / Medium 05420056669672 BLU2005666967
Flash Orange / Large 05420056669689 BLU2005666968
Matte Flash Green / Small 05420078831934 BLU2177883193
Matte Flash Green / Medium 05420078831941 BLU2177883194
Matte Flash Green / Large 05420078831958 BLU2177883195
Matte Red Black / Small 05420078824981 BLU2177882498
Matte Red Black / Medium 05420078824998 BLU2177882499
Matte Red Black / Large 05420078825001 BLU2177882500
Flash Pink / Small 05420078802187 BLU2167880218
Flash Pink / Medium 05420078802170 BLU2167880217
Flash Pink / Large 05420078802163 BLU2167880216
Flash Yellow / Small 05420056669634 BLU2005666963
Flash Yellow / Medium 05420056669641 BLU2005666964
Flash Yellow / Large 05420056669658 BLU2005666965
Gloss Black / Small 05420056669603 BLU2005666960
Gloss Black / Medium 05420056669610 BLU2005666961
Gloss Black / Large 05420056669627 BLU2005666962
Light Blue / Small 05420078802217 BLU2167880221
Light Blue / Medium 05420078802200 BLU2167880220
Light Blue / Large 05420078802194 BLU2167880219
Matte Titanium / Small 05420078802248 BLU2167880224
Matte Titanium / Medium 05420078802231 BLU2167880223
Matte Titanium / Large 05420078802224 BLU2167880222
Matte White / Small 05420078802279 BLU2167880227
Matte White / Medium 05420078802262 BLU2167880226
Matte White / Large 05420078802255 BLU2167880225 17344
Matte Blk Camo/Flash Yellow / Small 05420078822604 BLU2177882260
Matte Blk Camo/Flash Yellow / Medium 05420078822611 BLU2177882261
Matte Blk Camo/Flash Yellow / Large 05420078822628 BLU2177882262
Matte Camo Flash Orange / Small 05420078822697 BLU2177882269
Matte Camo Flash Orange / Medium 05420078822703 BLU2177882270
Matte Camo Flash Orange / Large 05420078822710 BLU2177882271